June 25, 2016

How To Cut Down on Sugar feat Heavenly Blush

Over the past 20 years, obesity has increased remarkably in Indonesia across all population groups, including rural and low income strata. The problem is particularly severe among women. Panel regressions confirm that changing food consumption patterns, coupled with decreasing physical activity, directly contribute to this trend. The 2007 RISKESDAS Riset Kesehatan Dasar (Indonesian basic health Survey) showed that 70 percent of children aged 10-14 were not getting enough exercise. Other studies show that Indonesian children spend more than 26 hours a week watching television, playing game and internet. According to Riskesdas  only 1.4 percent of people aged 16-18 years were obese, but for people over eighteen it suddenly reached 21.7 percent. 

In Indonesia every convenient store and supermarket selling REALLY SWEET BAVERAGES in a bottles, cans and boxes you named it. It creating weight problems, too much sugar causes energy spikes and has been linked to diabetes, depression. so here are some of my major tips how to cut down on sugar :

1. Slowly reduce the sugar in your diet a little at a time to give your taste buds time to adjust and wean yourself off the craving
2. Don’t replace saturated fat with sugar. Many of us make the mistake of replacing healthy sources of saturated fat, such as whole milk dairy, with refined carbs or sugary foods, thinking we’re making a healthier choice. Low-fat doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, especially when the fat has been replaced by added sugar to make up for loss of taste. 
3. Avoid processed or packaged foods like canned soups, frozen dinners, or low-fat meals that often contain hidden sugar that quickly surpasses the recommended limit. 
4. Be careful when eating out.  Most gravy, dressings and sauces are also packed with salt and sugar, so ask for it to be served on the side and when i am eating out in restaurant i mostly order tea without any sugar, fruit juice with less sugar, or mineral water. i do like italian and japanese restaurant bot equaly but when i have to choose i always pick sushi restaurant obviously because it's healthier.
5. When you do grocery shopping always check labels and choose low-sugar products. How to easily pick healthier snack than any sweet snack is SIMPLE. DON'T BUY IT, SO YOU DON'T HAVE IT IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR, and also don't delivery it i am just pretending they are not exist. 
6. Avoid sugary drinks and any snacks in a mall such as bubble drink, crapes, ice creams. NO, don't. when i arrive in a mall i usually get my meal first so after that when i am full i dont buy anymore unhealthy snacks
7. Body Awareness love the body you're in, be aware what's happening with your body. My tummy doesnt always flat but as soon as i look my self in the mirror and i dont like the way it change, I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT i eat healthier, i browse on youtube"10 minutes workout for flat abs", "Yoga for flat abs" anything that works. if 10 minutes workout is still too long for you, search for 5 minutes workout and when you are already used to it you will improve to 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on but YOU GOTTA START SOMEWHERE for your own self.
8. The Last One Eat healthier snacks on midnight when i usually watch TV series, i cut down on sweet snacks accompany such as candy, chocolate, and cakes. Instead, my midnight snack are fruit, veggies salad, yogurt, crispy seaweed, etc. for yogurt i've tried so many brands but in Indonesia there are 2 biggest brands that i want to talk about which is Heavenly Blush and Cimory. 

Nutrition Facts 
                            Heavenly Blush                                                            Cimory

Fat                            10% AKG / 10g                                                       11% / 7g
Cholesterol               l 1% AKG /4 mg                                                    
Carbohydrate            6%                                                                          12%
fiber                          12%                                                                          -
sugar                        11g                                                                           33 g
Natrium                     5% 105g                                                                   -
Calium                       0%                                                                          4% / 210 mg
Calsium                    45% 355 mg                                                            20%
Vit A                         -                                                                               15 %
Vit D                         -                                                                               15%
Vit B12                                                                                                      8%
Fosfor                                                                                                       25%

Total Calories            90 kkal                                                                   240 kkal
Calories from fat            15 kkal                                                                    70 kkal

Fitness Magazine give us guide about What to Look For in a Yogurt 

Forget the fancy promises. To find a healthy yogurt that's low in calories, fat, and sugar, follow as many of these guidelines as you can.

Per 6-ounce serving:
1. Calories: 100 to 150                                                             Heavenly Blush win
2.  Fat: 3.5 grams or less (low-fat or nonfat)                               Heavenly Blush win
3. Saturated fat: 2 grams or less                                                 Heavenly Blush win
4. Protein: at least 8 to 10 grams                                                Equally win
5. Sugar: 20 grams or less                                                          Heavenly Blush win
6. Calcium: at least 20 percent of the daily value                         Heavenly Blush win
7. Vitamin D: at least 20 percent of the daily value                      Cimory win

This is an honest review i personally like how Heavenly Blush taste not to sour like Cimory #AsamnyaPas , but Cimory actually has bigger bottle. Cimory contain 250 ml while Heavenly Blush 200 ml. But when i compare these two brands nutritions Heavenly Blush totally win 6 point VS 2 point. this link is where i get the standart for healthy yogurt. Another plus point from me is Heavenly Blush packaging is more practical than Cimory. It come with straw so it wont ruin my lipstick, and the box is also easier to open than Cimory bottle seal.

Heavenly Blush has blackcurrant flavor while Cimory has  blueberry. Heavenly Blush taste supremely rich, mild and creamy yet low fat. it just the right amount of sour if i compare it with really sour Cimory.

Peach and lychee are both my favorite fruit if Cimory want to change their recipe to be less sour maybe i would like this one. overall i rate Heavenly Blush 4.5/5 stars while i give Cimory 3/5 stars. now it's time to continue my photoshoot, i'll see you again on next post, bye!


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June 21, 2016

ULTIMA II Glamorous Colors

Lipstick is one of those things that can totally transform your look drastically with just a quick swipe. it can easilly brighten your look, balance out your look and draw attention to your girly sexy pout.
 if you dont know much about this brand actually ULTIMA II is a cosmetics and skin care line owned by the famous Revlon. Inc. The "Ultima" name was originally coined by Bea Castle, the highest placed female executive working for Revlon at the time, for a new moisturising cream - "ULTIMA, The Precious Cream". Following on from the success of the moisturizer, Revlon founder Charles Revson created the Charles Revson Inc. company in 1962 as the vehicle for his new top of the range line which is ULTIMA II.

ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick
Lipstick with procollagen complex for visibly younger, smoother, and fuller lips. The creamy formula moisturizes and reduces appearance fine line or wrinkles. With SPF 15.

i've tried 3 shades and also swatches them on my hand so you girls can see the result on my skin. The packaging concept is simple yet elegant which i like!
 The concept of this shoot is clean & natural, i tied my hair up because i just want all of you to focus on the result on my skin.

Blue font is Indonesian

Lipstik adalah produk kecantikan yang dapat merubah tampilan kamu seketika. Lipstik dapat membuat kamu tampil cerah, melengkapi penampilan kamu dan juga membuat kamu jadi pusat perhatian. Kalau kamu bemum tau tentang ULTIMA II, ini adalah merk kosmetik dan juga perawatan kulit dibawah naungan Revlon. Awalnya bermula dari krim pemembab ULTIMA The Precious Cream, nah mengikuti kesuksesan krim pelembabnya ULTIMA II pun melebarkan sayap ke ranah kosmetik.

Lipstik mengandung procollagen menghasilkan tampilan bibir lebih penuh selain itu juga terasa lembab. Formulanya dapat membantu mengurangi kerut di bibir jadi tampak muda selalu. Selain itu lipstik ini juga mengandung SPF 15 jadi melindungi bibir kamu dari terik matahari!

Aku punya 3 varian dari lipstik ULTIMA II procollagen ini, kemasannya seperti cermin tampak modern dan elegan. SUKA! Aku foto untuk review ini dengan rambut aku ikat ponytail agar kalian lebih fokus dengan hasil makeup-nya.

in bright lighting

               when these ULTIMA II ProCollagen arrived i was planing to write an article about which one is my no 1, no 2 and no 3 favorite but this afternoon i was having HARD TIME to decided hahahaha these 3 colors are definitely made for different mood, different image so it's hard to pick just one as no 1 favorite.
i captured all of these pictures about 5 pm while the sun goes down, i was in hurry because i want to finish this shoot before its too dark AND I FORGOT TO WEAR LIPBALM. i usually wear lipbalm before i put on lipstick. but surprisingly this lipstick doesn't make my lips dry AT ALL. so yes it make my lips subtle, nice buildable colors, and even without lipbalm this lipstick deliver ultra soft feeling! i applied it at 5 pm and right now i am writing this article on 11 pm and the lipstick is still looking nice on my lips.

(blue font is Bahasa Indonesia)
                  Waktu lipstiknya baru datang aku berencana untuk menulis artikel dengan mengurutkan 3 lipstik ini dari yang terfavorit no 1 sampai 3. Tapi pas aku coba 3-3nya ternyata AKU SUKA SEMUA hahahaha jadi susah pilih yang mana favorit aku karena ke-3 varian ini Glam Berry, Pink, dan Spice menghasilkan kesan yang berbeda beda.
Aku foto untuk review ini dari pukul 5 sore dan aku terburu buru karena matahari sudah mau terbenam maka dari itu aku makeup terburu buru dan lupa pakai lipbalm! biasanya aku selalu pakai lipbalm sebelum pakai lipstik agar tetap lembab. Tapi TERNYATA meskipun tanpa lipbalm, lipstik ULTIMA II ini tetap terasa lembut dan bibir aku SAMA SEKALI TIDAK KERING meskipun aku hapus, pakai hapus pakai lagi berulang-ulang untuk keperluan review ini. Pas aku tulis artikel ini sudah jam 11 malam  yang berarti sudah 6 jam dan hasilnya masih gak luntur dan gak belepotan bleber-bleber ^^ Nih lihat sendiri hasilnya ;)

 under dim lighting

ULTIMA II ProCollagen
in Glam Berry , Rp 190.000,-

                This Glam Berry deliver dark red finished, it looks glam just like the name. it look nice even without lipliner. this shade is perfect for daily bold look. the texture is really soft and it feels moist on my lips. even if you retouch a couple time it doesnt make your lips feel dry AT ALL! There are alot cheaper lipstick than this ProCollagen Lipstick but i think for this is nice quality it is worth it. MUST TRY!

                  varian Glam Berry ini hasilnya merah hati, glamor seperti namanya, disini aku tidak pakai lip liner lho, hasil lipstiknya tetap membingkai bibirku dengan bagus ya. varian ini sangat cocok untuk memberikan kesan bold bahkan untuk sehari hari karena tekstur yang terasa lembut dan nyaman dibibir aku. Meskipun dipakai retouch berkali kali kalau kamu sehabis makan aku jamin tetap gak kering! memang banyak lipstik lain dengan harga lebih murah tapi dengan harga Rp 190.000 menurut ku relatif murah karena kualitasnya yang bagus! kalian WAJIB COBA seri lipstik ProCollagen ini!

ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick
in Pink Rp 190.000,-

 if you are one of those girl who like to look feminine and fresh without looking too much,
this is perfect shade for you. at first i thought the result gonna be dark pink just like the lipstick but when i swatch it, it turn out the result is natural pink. so i think this color is perfect for daily look, and the collagen make my lips feel really soft!

Nah kalau yang warna ini cocok untuk kamu yang gayanya feminim dan suka tampak segar tanpa kelihatan terlalu menor. Hasil dari lipstik ini Pink medium, bukan pink muda ya. Di foto diatas kebetulan cahaya matahari lagi sangat terang jadi kelihatan muda warnanya. Kandungan kolagen di lipstik ini benar-benar terasa lembut jadi gak bikin bibir aku gak kelupas-kelupas kering.

ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick
in Spice, Rp 190.000,-

                      this spice shade looks like nude color, i LOVE how it kinda look like my natural lips shade, but when i wear it, it enhance my natural lip color. this is that kind of shade for no-makeup make up,and i like how the color of this lipstick is buildable. So the more you swatch it, the color getting thicker and more solid it mean more statement to your look. but if you are not a big fan of heavy makeup you can just swatch it once or twice for more effortless natural look.

                    shade yang ini namanya Spice. Kalau ini hasilnya berwarna nude color, seolah menonjolkan tone natural bibir aku. campuran antara pink dan nude. Dapat kamu lihat hasilnya shiny tapi tidak terlalu mengkilat seperti pakai lip gloss. Aku suka warnanya yang buildable jadi semakin kamu kenakan warnanya dapat kamu sesuaikan sesuai yang kamu suka. seri warna ini sangat  cocok kalau kamu suka tipe makeup yang sedang trend saat ini yaitu no-makeup makeup. Selain ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick , ULTIMA II juga mempunyai koleksi lain bernama ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick dengan harga lebih terjangkau seharga Rp 90.000,- berikut aku sejajarkan agar kalian bisa liat perbedaan warnanya lebih jelas

left to right :
ProCollagen Glam Berry, ProCollagen Spice, ProCollagen Pink, Delicate Better Than Chocolate, Delicate Spice

under natural sunlight without any indoor lights.

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick

               ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick deliver matte finished not shiny like ProCollagen ones. i've never tried chocolate lipstick before let me say i am amazed by this one! check out that tone it remind me of Kylie Jenner signature nude lipstick! the tone is so sophisticated and trendy ! this is my new current favorite brown lipstick and not to mention that it is so affordable! i agree that this lipstick is BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE! While that Delicate Spice is less shinier version of ProCollagen Spice.
                 even though i only review 3 shades but actually ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick  is available in 12 shades!! click HERE to check out their 12 shades Rp 190.000 . i think i have nothing to complain about this ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick it has alot shades, the buildable color is great, it deliver ultra soft feeling, and it also feel subtle on my lips. which color do you think suit me nicely? glam berry, pink, collagen spice, better than chocolate atau Delicate Spice? let me know by leaving me comment down below.


             Untuk hasil dari ULTIMA II  Delicate Lipstick ini lebih matte namun tetap lembut di bibir gak terlalu mengkilat seperti yang ProCollagen. Aku SUKA BANGET yang Better than chocolate! hasilnya mirip lipstik nude yang biasa di pakai Kylie Jenner ya?! SEKSI dan sangat unik! aku sebelumnya belum pernah cobain lipstik warna cokelat, ini baru jadi warna lipstik favorit aku makasih ULTIMA II!, selain itu nama lipstiknya juga catchy! >w< aku setuju kalau ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick ini memang better than chocolate! sedangkan untuk Delicate Spice itu versi mattenya dari ProCollagen Spice. Jadi kamu pecinta lipstik bisa pilih suka yang shiny atau matte!
              Meskipun di artikel ini aku hanya mengulas 3 varian tapi lipstik Ultima II ProCollagen ini tersedia 12 varian warna lho! seru kan lebih banyak pilihan lagi untuk kalian para pecinta lipstik. kesimpulannya gak ada yang bisa aku komplain dari lipstik ini. ULTIMA II punya banyak pilihan warna, aku suka warnanya yang buildable bisa dipakai 1 kali ulas atau berkali kali untuk hasil bold, hasilnya juga terasa lembut di bibir aku. Kalo kamu udah gak sabar mau nambah koleksi lipstik kamu dengan koleksi ULTIMA II bisa langsung kunjungi www.blibli.com Nah selain Lipstik dari ULTIMA II aku juga mau memperkenalkan beberapa produk varian lain dari ULTIMA II yaitu :

ULTIMA II Delicate Blush
available in matte or shine, 10g, Rp 140.000,-
from left to right : Sahara Rose, Baked Coral, Hot Pink and on the right bottom Nude 

1. Hot Pink that turn out more like soft pink, if you are a newcomer in makeup world this is very nice for beginners.
2. Nude is perfect for shading, you wear Hot Pink on your cheek bone and shading with Nude
shade for slimer face effect under your cheek bone
3. Sahara Rose for glowy pink finish! shades no 1,2, and 3 are perfect for natural make up
4. Baked Coral if you are into glamorous makeup finish for party, this is the shade for you girls!
Pair this with nude or brown lipstick for all bronze makeup look. The formula of this shade is really creamy and pigmented so you just need a little amount of it to make it visible.

Pro :

+ all pink shades deliver natural finished.
+ good quality, affordable price
+ The case has 2 compartments the top is for the blush while there's a little brush compartment on the bottom. I like how they seperate it so when i close it and put it in my bag it's not ruin
+ nice clean and modern case design
+ 10g is quite generous amount for blush specially it's only Rp 140.000,- (roughly 10$)

Con :
- the brush is too small for me, i usually use my other kabuki brush to use this blush.
but for 'emergency' the ULTIMA II Delicate Blush's brush will be fine ;)

 in bahasa Indonesia

1. Hot Pink tapi hasilnya tetap pink natural kok jadi jangan terintimidasi dengan namanya, karena Hot Pink ini gak akan bikin kamu kelihatan menor jadi ini juga cocok untuk para pemula di makeup atau yang suka tipe no-makeup makeup look
2. Nude kalau yang 1 ini hasilnya matte cokelat medium gak terlalu muda/tua. Cocok untuk shading jadi kamu pakai blush on pink dulu di bagian tulang pipi, dan pakai shade Nude ini untuk sisi bawahnya untuk menghasilkan tampilan wajah yang lebih tirus.
3. Sahara Rose hasilnya medium pink dan sedikit shimmery tapi gak lebay jadi masih natural hanya shade ini lebih tua sedikit tone-nya dibanding yang Hot Pink
4.  baked coral hasilnya shimmery dan orange bikin wajah kamu kelihatan segar dan formulanya creamy dan sangat pigmented jadi ini pasti pakainya hemat gak habis-habis karena kamu hanya perlu pakai sedikit saja udah keluar warnanya! KEREN!

  Pro :
+ memiliki 2 jenis yaitu shine untuk kamu yang suka tampil glam dia ada partiker shimmer-nya jadi tampak sedikit sparkling yang cocok untuk tampilan pesta sedangkan versi matte 2 dari kanan itu tanpa shimmer sangat cocok untuk contouring
+ case-nya seperti case faundationnya  yang ini juga 2 tingkat dengan brush dibagian bawah
+ Untuk blush produk ULTIMA II ini isinya relatif banyak 10g 
+ desain casenya clean, modern kayak cermin gitu
+ Kualitas bagus, harganya terjangkau

Con :
- Aku lebih suka pakai brush punya aku sendiri karena brush dari ULTIMA II yang terdapat dibagian bawahnya kan didesain kecil agar muat masuk casenya jadi aku merasa brushnya kurang lebar

ULTIMA II Delicate Creme Powder
13 g, Rp 200.000,- (about 15$)

ULTIMA II Creme Powder punya 4 shades sebagai berikut

Pro :
+ This faundation and also pressed powder in one is easy to apply than liquid faundation
+ 2 compartments is coming handy. on top of it for the product and the bottom one for sponge
+ the sponge works perfectly fine
+- This ULTIMA II Delicate Cream Powder coverage level is good for light acne scar, and maybe some sunspots but you're gonna need concealer before you apply this if you want to cover darkcircle under your eyes or acne pimples.
+ it last about 7 hours and still counting

Con :
- i have combination skin for oil control you gotta need loose powder after you apply this one.

Pro : 
+ faundation sekaligus bedak padat ini lebih mudah di aplikasikan terutama dibanding faundation cair jadi cocok untuk makeup pemula
+ case-nya 2 tingkat bagian bawah untuk sponge-nya bagian atas untuk faundationnya jadi kalo ditutup dan masuk tas gak berantakan.
+ untuk coverage dapat membantu menyamarkan pori-pori dan acne scar ringan tapi kalau kamu lagi ada jerawat aktif atau lingkar bawah mata yang gelap harus pakai concealer lagi
+ desain case-nya clean dan elegan
+ tahan lama ini sudah aku pakai 7 jam masih bagus
+ Kalau kamu mau langsung klik DISINI untuk menuju page ULTIMA II Delicate Cream Powder
di Sociolla

Con :
- untuk oil control masih harus pakai bedak tabur lagi, berhubung aku pakai outdoor
jadi wajahku tampak berminyak kalau dipakai tanpa bedak tabur

ULTIMA II Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer
43 g, Rp165.000,-

Available in 5 beautiful shades


Pro : 
+GENEROUS AMOUNT of loose powder! this is 43 kg the diameter is as big as my hand!
+ soft calming scent
+ nice oil control specially for my T-zone that usually a bit oily
+ nice matte finished
+ easy to blend onto my skin
+ there are 2 compartments seperated with tiny holes which cover up with seal when you first get it.
So this is help you to use it economically. nice!
+ relatively affordable i mean it's Rp 165.000,- like i said it SO BIG.

 Con :
+ not travel friendly

Pro :
 + Isinya BANYAK 43g ini diameter case setelapak tangan aku,besar lho.
+ wanginya lembut menyenangkan
+ memberikan hasil matte sehingga membantu menyerap minyak berlebih terutama di area T hidung dan dahi.
+ Yang bawah favorit aku untuk kamu yang suka tone kulit wajah sedikit pinkish merona tapi
tidak berlebihan, hanya merona sehat saja, SUKA!
hasilnya manis sesuai namanya yang manis Pink Shell
+ Segel pemisahnya mengunci bedak yang dibawah agar tidak tumpah ke bagian atas
+ aku suka tempatnya yang simple dan elegan memantul seperti cermin

Con :
+- Karena isinya banyak jadi tempatnya juga besar sehingga kurang travel friendly.

Shop it online on www.blibli.com

                  If you buy ULTIMA II product they are all come in simply chic silver box, and dont worry ULTIMA II is a registered cosmetic in BPOM so it's surely save. if you never try ULTIMA II before you better check out the nearest department store because ULTIMA II is basicly EVERYWHERE and if you are too lazy to go out you can also shop it online. Thanks for visiting my blog i'll see you again on next article bye~

                  Kalau kamu membeli ULTIMA II produknya datang didalam kemasan kotak elegan berwarna silver dan tentunya ULTIMA II sudah terdaftar di BPOM jadi pasti aman untuk kulit kamu. Awas hati hati jangan sampai terbeli bajakan ya. Yuk cobain ULTIMA II di departement store terdekat karena basicly ULTIMA II sudah ada DIMANA MANA selain itu juga bisa kamu beli online di Sociolla! terima kasih sudah mampir ke blogku ya sampi ketemu lagi di artikel berikutnya!

·          available in:
Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro, Golden Gunung Sahari, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Pasaraya Grande, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi.

or shop it online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ultimaIIindonesia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ULTIMA_id
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultima_id/
 Youtube :
Glamour Make up with ULTIMA II feat Titi Kamal
(In bahasa Indonesia)

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