September 27, 2013

Pro and Contra in Rick Owens Show from Paris Fashion Week

Rick Owens S/S 2014

i bet you didnt see this coming, dont you?
well i saw some designer pick plus size models for their show but not for
the entire collection. These days we all know that all designers always use caucasian,
tall, skinny models. usually 90% are white models who walk beautifully with cool or happy expression. but this shocking runaway from Rick Owens give you 90%  black models,
with angry face, not-that-tall and also not-that skinny figure.

"We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty," Rick Owens said.
lets admit that skinny and tall figure has ability to
captured our heart better than this one. im not mentioning any type of race.
just look at victoria's secret runaway they
pick all models from black, white, and asian.
 we live in this world where we judge a book by its cover specially
in fashion industry. what rick owens mean is if we keep thinking that way 
this world gonna be even more anorexic, we gotta say something in a BOLD way.
but Mr. Owens you cant forget that this is FASHION INDUSTRY.
you are selling clothes, all woman want to look better and prettier,
and about "creating your own beauty" is smart if you work in something theatrical,
or i dunno maybe some social campaign.
but if you work in fashion industry, right now i dont even want to discuss
your clothes. what do you think?

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