October 10, 2011

gorgeous white dress photograph

just another random photos that i got, white is my favorite color,
like you can see, i'm kinda obsessed with white dress,
maybe because i think white looks good on me, 
even if i just wear basic plain white tank top with jeans
it make me feel fresh :)
keep fabulous everyone, xox

October 9, 2011

celebrity plastic surgery. prettier or not? you decide it!

Honestly I'm not supporting plastic surgery,
 or hate it too. in some people it makes them prettier,
but there is also other exception too.
but as long as their happy, i don't have any rights to judge them too.
so what do you think?

American Queen of Plastic Surgery, Heidi Montag
"The Hills" star said she's not addicted to plastic surgery because
she hasn't gone under the knife 10 separate times.
And yeah, okay, she did have 10 surgeries done in one day last November.
But she claims that because she had them
all done at once, that proves she's not an addict. =_=

than the next is Megan Fox and Paris Hilton boobs implant, 
i think they both looks hotter after the plastic surgery

all megan face surgery definitely make her
prettier and also sexier, well done megan.
if she go to transformers casting
before all her surgery I'm pretty sure she cant get the cast.

The last one is one of my favorite designer Donatella Versace
i think this is what we call plastic surgery gone wrong.
I'm sorry to say this but she look more like human in 1990.

fashion dont! eva mendes, leighton meester, helena bonham

 This gown looks as if it was pulled out from eva mendes's the living room,
wrapped around Eva’s body add some belt, and viola! =_='

wear 2 different pump shoe dont make you looks 
"quirky genius" Helena Bonham

What happen with you? What the hell is in your mind
using this trashy vintage top? sorry to say,
but this time you failed to impress us Blair

celebrity without makeup

We're used to dissecting the hair and makeup looks of our favorite actresses
every time they hit the red carpet. But isn't it refreshing to see
them au natural, completely without makeup?

one of the sexiest and the most happening woman on earth Megan Fox


world fenomenal Lady Gaga

'Spain guitar' body miss Kim Kardashian

my favorite celebrity without make up goes to Jennifer Garner!
even she look a bit old but her smile is very sweet and its counted ;)

the last one is american sweetheart hillary duff.
who is your favorite? ^^

Fashion report Miu Miu Spring 2012. fashion do!

Dont you just love all these boots ladies? >w<

my favorite miu miu colection so far. came out with black and blue color block,
nice cropped top, plain A-line skirt, with all street styler must have item ' black ankle boots'
than it went to oxblood, cherry red, cerulean blue color ,
super cute laces skirt and also super duper cute colorful boots,
and  patchwork print skirt which i like. ends with very unique outer top on dress.
well done Miuccia Prada!

love, diraz.

fashion report. Elie Saab Spring 2012

FINALLY elie saab spring 2012!!
one of my favorite brand, just like before 
he repeating near identical styles &  the plummy chiffon,
starts with a group of pearly pales, than its like BANG! 
attacking into your eyes with bright yellow, 
orange, green, and blue.
i dont post all orange group coz i dont really like orange color >.<'
its so hard to decide which one is my favorite,
errr maybe all white group dresses for color, but for the design
i think the right side green maxi dress is my choice.
coz i think one shoulder can make you effortlessly elegant and sexy. :D
hope you like it. xoxo

October 2, 2011

fashion dont!

"Look at me i'm unique with rearview mirror on me!"
"i need to collect water to take a bath!"

"Yes guys, look at me. i look so damn fabulous with smile on my face
and smile in front of my *piip*"

RUN MULAN RUN!! ben10 monster want to punch your face because
you steal his costume!!

she is famous singer in Indonesia who have so much "drama"
Like you see, seems like she really trying t hard to look "DIFFERENT"
congratulation Mulan, now you look different.
but not in a good way. =_=
dont try this at home, and dont try this on THE STAGE.

October 1, 2011

sad news, my indie idol group is over,
because all of us so busy with individual bussines,
so we decided to end it.
its kinda sad but at least we still being such a goodfriends
and had so much fun about 3 years we spent every weekend together
at the gym, and also girls talk in lovely jacuzi after rehearsal ;)
thanks to all friends who support us specially people
in our facebook fanspage.
love you, D

photograph : gior getarcipta

Large Rainbow Pointer