May 25, 2012

Pink is the new black

just random pink photos from my computer that i want to share with you
,i do not own the photos, please dont blame me for copyright shits :)
which your favorite one?

May 8, 2012

Dog Does Disco Carnivale and Little Sweet Surprise For Me

cool 7 month siberian husky huh? :)
btw i wear little white dress, with black basic blazer 
(actually i stole it from my mom closet), black ankle boots and
grey blue plaid fedora.

this chow chow is BIG, i'm a bit afraid to touch it.

female mini red poodle with me trying to impersonate her.
the owner is really friendly and pretty btw. she have 2 mini poodle the other one is black.
both of them are really shy, not like the other dogs they just sit
beside their owner and wont go anywhere.

me looking for more doggy to play with ^u^

a kiss for beautiful friendly shetland sheepdog

-Cute bear insinde the mall- 

So about last month i attended "Dog Does Disco Carnivale" at Central Park, Jakarta.
with my friend Lintang & my boyfie
(he wont let me take photograph with him because he's in badmood i guess)
but ANYWAY that was really fun, the festival start from 11 am til 8pm
i came at 4.30 pm because the traffic almost killed me.
usually it take about 10-15 minutes from my place to Central Park.
but the traffic made me stuck for 1,5 hours (T.T)
i was so excited to attend this festival because i want to have puppy fo 7 years
straight and i never have one because my parents doesnt like pets.
AND YOU KNOW WHAT when i typing this post,
suddenly my boyfriend is coming, ask me to close my eyes

 & look what i've got!!! 

Cant you believe it ???!!! 
its 2 month female maltese puppy
*dancing randomly* i'm so HA
i decided to call her "Ariel" isnt it cute?

May 7, 2012

Model Off Duty Style "Agyness Deyn"

Agyness Deyn (born Laura Hollins, 16 February 1983 is an English fashion modelactress and singer
Deyn's biography states that she was spotted while shopping with fashion designer Henry Holland.
Deyn has appeared in advertisements for Anna SuiBlugirl by BlumarineBurberry,
MulberryPaul SmithReebokVivienne Westwood and MANY MORE.Deyn is known for being something of a chameleon and constantly changing her looks.
 Her hair has been blond, red, brown and black during her modelling career.
Although she usually sports short hair, she has been seen with a bob and a bowl cut.*wikipedia

yeah i know she's not that "IN" anymore but i still decided to make post about her cool style.
i really love her style, as you know so many model always wear black outfits
as their personal "off duty" style. but i think Deyn has her own style.
i describe her style as androgyny, punk, quirky, & colorful.
her style like tell us to stop being so serious in fashion,
dont think about it too much, just wear them and have fun!
dont you love her as i do? what do you think ladies ? ^w^

Love, Diraz. 

May 1, 2012

How To Be Skinny & First Cooking Experience

Hi everyone this is my first time i make a post on my blog about my tips.
i dont mean to brag about my skinny body, some of them told me that i am too skinny my legs looks weird or something. but i just want to share some facts about me and my eating behaviour.

since i ALWAYS get questions about "how can you be so skinny D?"
 or"i wish i have smaller arms / legs/ tummy like you" so here they are :

1. i was born about 2,7 kg or something
2. my maximum weight no matter how much i eat even when i eat on 12 am is 43 kg
(trust me i can eat 4-5 servings for seafood)
3. i am picky eater if i dont find anything that i like to eat, i wont eat anything
4. i rarely eats fried foods
5. i dont like sweet food
6. usually i drink a cup of tea (minimum) with less sugar everyday
7. my beverages everytime i eat in restaurant are mineral water, fruit juice or tea with no sugar
8. i dont like chocolate
9. i dont like carbohydrates
10. i hate soft drinks it make my mouth hurts
11. because my bad sleeping behaviour i only eat twice a day. only once with carbo
12. i always make sure to eat vegetables everyday
13. my snacks are fruits, yoghurt, tao kae noi crispy seaweed, california raisins,
and a bit cassava chips
14. for my tummy its isnt always flat everytime, i need to do sit ups about 20-30 times everyday
15. i dont like fast food maybe i eat at KFC or mcD only once / 2-3month
16. i NEVER eat in the morning yeah i think some of you knows it is because i still sleep,but even when i awake i dont used to eat before 12 pm because it make me wanna throw up. 

My Cooking Diary 

Since i NEVER try to cook in my whole life,
i dont even know the name for almost ALL seasoning 
SO about 2 week ago i think that its gonna be nice to learn new things.
and i finally did a little research on youtube and google for some recipes,
so far i made 3 dishes. here they are . . .

Chicken Soup

This is mushroom chicken soup with egg sauce,
this is the most delicious so far! >w<

Shabu Shabu

This is ingredients for shabu shabu before i cook it.
too bad i didnt take even a single picture after i cooked it,
because i'm too hungry ^^'
if you dont know shabu shabu it is a Japanese variant of hot pot.
The name Shabu Shabu is derived from the "swish swish"
sound of cooking the meat in the pot.
The dish is related to sukiyaki in style, in that both use thinly sliced meat and
vegetables and are usually served with dipping sauces.* (wikipedia)
It tasted good for first try i think.

Spaghetti Carbonara
this is also my first try that beef tasted REALLY nice, but the spaghetti is too dry.
because i dont used to eat raw egg and i over cooked it :(
i'll try again next time.

THAT'S IT. i wish my tips about "How To Be Skinny" could help you.
and i hope you like my post about MY VERY FIRST COOKING EXPERIENCE
i'm sorry for my sucks english as always, i wish at least you could understand. ^^vdont forget to leave some comments lovely ladies ;)
last but not least CAMWHORE >u< 

Love, Diraz.

Large Rainbow Pointer