September 27, 2013

Pro and Contra in Rick Owens Show from Paris Fashion Week

Rick Owens S/S 2014

i bet you didnt see this coming, dont you?
well i saw some designer pick plus size models for their show but not for
the entire collection. These days we all know that all designers always use caucasian,
tall, skinny models. usually 90% are white models who walk beautifully with cool or happy expression. but this shocking runaway from Rick Owens give you 90%  black models,
with angry face, not-that-tall and also not-that skinny figure.

"We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty," Rick Owens said.
lets admit that skinny and tall figure has ability to
captured our heart better than this one. im not mentioning any type of race.
just look at victoria's secret runaway they
pick all models from black, white, and asian.
 we live in this world where we judge a book by its cover specially
in fashion industry. what rick owens mean is if we keep thinking that way 
this world gonna be even more anorexic, we gotta say something in a BOLD way.
but Mr. Owens you cant forget that this is FASHION INDUSTRY.
you are selling clothes, all woman want to look better and prettier,
and about "creating your own beauty" is smart if you work in something theatrical,
or i dunno maybe some social campaign.
but if you work in fashion industry, right now i dont even want to discuss
your clothes. what do you think?

September 26, 2013

Milan Fashion Week Trend Report

 As you all know this is September the busiest month in fashion industry,
all fashion week all around the world. all "first brand" showing off their
beautiful spring summer collection all around the world.
some fashion show are still running but im in the mood to make my own report right now,
so im browsing a lot all around fashion website lately.
im checking almost ALL the show report, and this is it.
 and since i dont have any type of "business relation" with them,
this is the most fun part i can give my very honest opinion about their design
but yes it can be not objective cos basicly everyone has their own personal taste.
so yeah take it or leave it this is Diras report for Spring Summer 2014 RTW.

D&G S/S 2014

I pick D&G to be featured on my blog because i think this season
they have very original idea,
D&G using ancient greek architecture print
on their dresses and skirts. and also gold coin
for belts and printed too. and of course as predicted 3D flowers detail
gonna be all over spring summer collection. i dont really know what brand which start first (tell me if you know) but im pretty sure d&g isnt the first one. but i still give applause for those big coloumn and gold coins. i think its gonna be really something next year.
actually today is Balmain Spring Summer show,
i am a bit confused should i wait for balmain report or just post this 
one first. so i decide to make another report for one of my favorite brand Balmain,
if their latest collection will be awesome. i put my high expectation on Balmain actually.
and also i havent put Alexander mcQueen either. so yeah the next one is . . .

Prada S/S 2014

so this one is Prada S/S 2014. im gonna say I LOVE THIS COLLECTION.
this is something different. Miuccia Prada put some kind of murals street art on coats,
dresses and everything.
and those socks i think its something different too. for me i would love to wear those
sporty socks with coat, but definitely BIG NO with those right dress.
im a huge fan of coat if i have alot money i would spend it on something
unique such as those coat on "my no 5 favorite look"
i like something that different and not 'mainstream' you know.
like LV bag. either you say your LV bag is original or false one
mainstream is a total turn off for me.
btw and also those dramatic colorblocking is simply awesome
for attention seeker like me hahahaha

Fendi S/S 2014 

no 3rd is Fendi S/S 2014 their basic concept is layered, gradient colour, comes with modern cutting and of course since this is spring summer we're gonna see some light and sheer fabrics as always.
those gradient red dress is awesome comes with gradient shoes too but i pick the white
one as my favorite, beautiful color spectrum from white to dark grey.
very modern and chic. i would love to wear it to office or something. 
and those cute furry clutch, sweet sweet mother of clutch. muach!
i crossed my finger, and whisper "Dear Jesus let it be next year trend, amen"

Prada detail. see! it told ya its gorgeous.

Versace S/S 2014

the 4th brand that i want to discuss is Versace~
The whole collection is good but not that awesome.
only 2 looks that can really captured my heart.
if you see the whole collection some designs and fabric look "cheap"
im sorry Donatella. so my 3rd favorite look is nice swimwear,
i dont know maybe Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus would wear it as stage costume but to me its
swimwear. somthing that i adore from this collection is those black strap heels. SMOKIN HOT! it make your legs look skinnier.
my 2nd favorite look of S/S 2014 is Versace white bandage dress.
i love the top part, you know usually bandage dresses are so thight til it so
hard to walk, that kind of dress that Kim Kardashian always wear but this dress come with nice bottom part like a skirt. if i wear it on windy day it can flowing. so lovely.
being sexy is nice but for me i dont want to look like
i put too much effort to look sexy you know.
i can say that this dress is SEXY ON THE RIGHT LEVEL.

Gianfranco Ferre S/S 2014

i never thought Gianfranco Ferre would be my no 1 favorite look
because usually im attracted to colorful stuff BUT THIS COLLECTION. . .
i give my outstanding ovation to this collection.
it comes with natural color such as white, nude and peach but THOSE clean cut,
those outstanding asymmetrical cut. OH IM SO IN LOVE.
it comes with simple obi belt in silver or peach.
g-ferre pick the right look to open the show.
when i check and those g-ferre first look appear on it,
i swear my small asian eyes got as big as this!!!

when i click next, next, next link im getting too in love page by page.
not like some another brand hahahaha
natural make up and hairstyle make it even more flawless
those bangles and perfect choice heels create modern
and simple style even more greater.
those white dress on right side is also flawless,
i never see something like that, asymmetrical high cut dress,
 but there's another
white voluminous skirt under it. it "so smart in a pretty way"
i dont even know what am i talking about ahahaha
maybe i am the one who lack of fashion knowledge,
if another brand already made that kind of 'design statement' please tell me.
from all of those pictures and collection what is your favorite?>w<
i guess thats all of my report and opinion, bye bye! xoxo D.

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